This model is the final step of a two-month structural study of Renzo Piano’s Pathé Foundation with team partner Alejandro Finol. Informational support is provided by structural architect Jeremy Crossley/VP Green and project photpgrapher Michel Denancé. Class instructed by Mark Cruvellier.

The Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation is situated in a Parisian courtyard behind the street facade as a space of working, archives, and exhibition for one of France’s important cinematography heritages. The building’s abnormal armadillo shape is designed parametrically and achieved by a continuous and suspended reinforced concrete shell that both supports and rests on the interior steel and concrete skeleton. The top of the building is a transparent glass dome supported by curved glulam beams that rest on a peripheral tubular steel frame fixed around the edge of the concrete shell. The entire curved surface of the building volume is covered by a layer of perforated aluminum plates that provide shading and a uniform texture.

Material list



Cladding square joints

Cladding wire

Glulam beam roof

Ring around glulam roof

Joints at ends of glulam beams


Interior beam grid


Core panel

Model base

Site buildings




steel, music wire

music wire

bass wood



aluminum tubes, 3D printed plastic, steel needles, steel wire

waxed steel

steel rods, stainless steel tubes

acrylic boards

high-density foam, aluminum board

acrylic boards

The model has been exhibited in John Hartell Gallery, Cornell University on November 9-20, 2015, and Milstein Dome RAW EXPO in April, 2016.